Thursday, April 10, 2014

Playing catch up with Project Life

Hi Everyone!

Hope everyone is enjoying their spring break!  I am so far behind in sharing my PL pages. I am also playing catch up with March's pages.  I'm usually about 1 month behind which isn't too bad to get caught up when given a few hours.  How do I do it?

The main factor in staying caught up is making sure you have the photos.  I usually take photos almost everyday.  At night, I like to use the pic frame app to edit my photos to format (2) 3x4's onto a 4x6.  I either print them out at home, or upload them to the Costco app for 1 hour photo developing for at most .13 per print.

Once I get the photos developed or printed, I place them in the pocket pages, making sure I have spots for journalling- either on the photos themselves or on journalling cards.  Whenever I get a few moments- 15 minutes here and there, I will pull out cards from a core kit or PL kit club and start inserting them in the pockets.  If it is a special occasion or holiday, I turn to my seasons or holiday kits.  You don't want to miss out on using those specific event cards.  If it is a new month, be sure to include cards specific to that month.

Have another 15 minutes-1/2 hour to kill?  Then I whip out my alpha stickers and start titling my cards or putting subtitles on photos.  Or start adding embellishments or stamping that is specific to the photos- ie. food, travel, sentiments.

My final step is adding the journalling.  I like to use my own handwriting but if I have more to journal or if I'm quoting a song or phrase, I will use my typewriter.  If after all the journalling I find 'empty' spots, then I go to my washi collection or enamel dots to fill in the gaps.

Of course, if I am way way behind, I do it as simple as possible and make most of my photos in the 4x6 format and on the 3x4 spots I journal or use filler cards. The true Becky Higgins way to K.I.S.S ;)

Here are some of my pages from February ;)

Hope this helps in learning more about my process of getting caught up with PL.

Thanks for stopping by and getting inspired!

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