Thursday, April 17, 2014

Demo and review of WRMK pillow box punch board

Hi Everyone,

Recently, I shared a post showing a pillow box I made for a graduation gift holder.  Pillow boxes are a great way to package up a gift.  You can insert a gift card, or smaller items like jewelry wrapped in tissue paper.  You can even fill it up with candy (my favorite gift-yum!).  They are great for that last minute gift where you don't have time to go out and find a box or gift bag.  All you need is pretty paper (which all scrapbooker/crafters have), tape and the WRMK pillow box punch board.

I've had my punch board for a while but it's been sitting in my room waiting to be used.  The board itself comes with a bone folder and 2 built in punches.  The instructions are printed on the board itself.  I was surprised at how easy it was.

Here are the step by step photo instructions:

1.  First you decide what size box you'd like & what paper you want to use.  I used a 6x6 sheet of paper.
2.  Line up the left edge of the paper on the line on the middle of the board. 
3.  Press down on the green oval button (it is a punch) to punch a notch.
4.  Use the bone folder to score along the top curve and down the right edge.

5.  Repeat to the end of the sheet of paper.

6.  Flip the paper over to the underside and repeat with punch, score.
7. Then flip the board to the other side to punch the 1/2 circle notches.

8. Cut from the edge to the score line at a slight angle.

9.  Crease at the score lines.

10.  Adhere strong adhesive to one edge to connect the two sides/edges.

11.  Push the notched ends in.

12.  Pillow box is ready to fill with goodies :)
Here is my video of using the punch board for the first time:

It took me a total of 7:27 minutes to make the pillow box from start to finish in real time!  Amazing.  Not too shabby for the first time and for reading instructions and picking out the paper.

Pros: easy to use, instructions on the board itself, good punch, good bone folder, light weight, can make pillow boxes in different sizes, punch can be used for other purposes (punching notches or curves)
Cons: as with any tool or punch, you need to line it up correctly and precisely.
Recommendations:  use a light to medium weight paper to be able to "fluff" the pillow box up better.  Stiffer papers will be harder to fluff out.

Thanks for stopping by and being inspired :)

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